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Baritone supremo Ronnie Cuber

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The saxophone is a fabulous instrument that can provide years of enjoyment. 

Follow the links on this page to find out more. I hope this site encourages you to pursue the saxophone further !

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I've added an article to help those looking to buy a saxophone

Some details of jazz and classical saxophone Grades.

There are now reviews of saxophone related products (music, tutorials, books, playalong CD's and accessories)  that I can recommend from my 25+ years of playing various saxophones. See Music & Books and Accessories.

Lots of information for those new to the saxophone in Getting Started.

The availability of cheap saxophones means you don't have to outlay as much today to get started as you would have 10+ years ago. See Budget.

There is also suggested Listening, which will introduce you to some of the UK's finest sax players, and some of the all-time greats. CDs covering different styles and eras of saxophone players are listed.

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