Which Saxophone

An Alto or Tenor saxophone is a good place to start. Both are used in all kinds of music and are relatively easy to come across.

Younger players will be able to hold an alto saxophone much easier than a tenor, due to the smaller size and weight. Most children who learn to play the saxophone start on the alto for this reason.

Clarinet players will find the transition to a saxophone fairly straightforward. Moving from clarinet to alto or tenor saxophone is quite common and increases a player's versatility. Clarinet players will find the saxophone key layout familiar (and actually simpler due to the way the octaves are split on all saxophones).

Flute players will also find a lot of similarities with the saxophone key layout. 

The tenor saxophone is often used to provide a more powerful sound that cuts through in blues, rock and pop. 

Soprano and baritone saxes are the next most popular. The soprano is often heard as a smooth mellow sound and the baritone as the deep punchy growler.

Then there are others (sopranino, bass, contrabass), which are very rare, but equally individual in their character.

The really good news is, once you can play one, it will be relatively easy to pick up another as the key layout is pretty much the same. 

See my article on Buying A Saxophone for advice on how to buy, where to buy, and recommended saxophone brands for players of all abilities.

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