Why the Saxophone ?


The saxophone is versatile

Play blues, jazz, funk, soul, latin, rock, pop, classical, and more.

Learn to play one saxophone, and you'll quickly be able to pick up and enjoy playing all the others. There are plenty to choose from, and ways you can get very different sounds from each sax.


A number of cheaper saxophones are now available. If you choose carefully, you can pick up a good used instrument for a few hundred pounds. Hire schemes are also available that make the initial costs even lower. 

Invest in yourself

Put some time in to something that will pay you back over many years. Learn to play this fantastic sounding instrument, and there will be opportunities to join all kinds of bands - good sax players are always in demand.

Need more reasons ?

Listen to some of the players mentioned in the Listening section of this site.

Go and see some great sax players in action, and be inspired !

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