Playalong Books and CDs

Jamey Abersold Playalong (Beginner -> Advanced)

The Jamey Abersold series are in my opinion the best set of playalong books on the market. Each book has a number of songs/tracks written out for concert, Bb, Eb and bass, so you only need to buy one book, and you'll have the music for a soprano, alto, tenor or baritone saxophone.

The range is now very extensive, covering all styles of jazz, some blues, funk and even one that helps you to memorise songs.

The accompanying CD contains backing music for each track. If you have a balance control on your hi-fi, you can tune out the bass or piano, as they are recorded on separate channels.

A great way of learning tunes and developing your improvising skills. 

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21 Bebop Exercises (Intermediate -> Advanced)

This book and CD provides plenty of challenges. Each of the 21 exercises is written out in all 12 keys (complete with chord symbols). You just adjust your starting point according to the sax you are playing (Eb or Bb). 

It will improve your technique and give you ideas for bebop style phrases that you can develop further.

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