Saxophone Tutorials


Saxophone Basics 

A good first saxophone tutorial for anyone new to the saxophone,  suitable for both young players and adults. 

This book can be used for either alto or tenor saxophone, and takes you through a number of tunes, gradually adding new notes, and other musical terms and ideas along the way. A good choice for players who are new to reading music.

Alto players can buy a version that comes with a CD (also available via the link opposite). 

Complete Learn to Play Saxophone Manual

This saxophone tutorial is more complete than Saxophone Basics, but may overwhelm complete beginners. If you have some musical knowledge, and want to buy a tutorial that will last you for many years, then this is a great choice. 

It comes with two CD's (one pitched for Eb accompaniment, one for Bb) so you can use it with either alto or tenor saxophone.

Working towards Saxophone Grades

The material required for the ABRSM Jazz Saxophone grades and LCM classical saxophone grades is covered in my page on Grades.

Amazing Phrasing (Intermediate to Advanced)

This is an excellent saxophone tutorial that comes with a CD to play along to. A must for players who want to develop their musical vocabulary, technique and ear training. 

The book concentrates on Harmony, Rhythm and Melody, building up all 3 to get you developing phrases. Each section gives an overview of the subject (e.g. Minor Chord Patterns) and many suggested written phrases. 

The 24 tracks on the included CD provide accompaniment to get you familiar with playing phrases over chord sequences (from basic open chords to challenging sequences). 

Available from Amazon with UK free delivery, just click the link below for details.

Available for Bb Saxophone (Soprano & Tenor) and also Eb (Alto & Baritone)

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