If you are new to the saxophone, one option is to try teaching yourself from a saxophone tutorial. However, if you have some lessons with a teacher, it will ensure you do't get in to any bad habits from the outset, and will more than likely motivate you to practise more and improve faster.

A good saxophone teacher can make a world of difference, either to get you started, or to move you on if you feel like you've reached a plateau. 

If possible, find someone locally that you've heard play and who has inspired you. Music shops and colleges are a good place to find details of local saxophone teachers and courses.

Many schools and music colleges offer saxophone courses that will work towards classical saxophone grades or jazz saxophone grades.

Think about what sort of music you want to be playing, and think about what you are aiming for e.g. learning to read music, learning to improvise, working towards exams, improving your knowledge of music theory, etc. 

As with most subjects, a great teacher can make the whole experience enjoyable and provide you with the energy to develop your playing.

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